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Pertamina TURBOLUBE XT Series is EP-type lubricant turbine with a premium quality having oxidation stability and excellent thermal, formulated from hydrocracked base oil with a few additives option that can be used for different types of turbines.

Pertamina TURBOLUBE formulated from hydrocracked base oil and additives rust & high quality complete oxidation inhibitor additives antiwear / EP. Pertamina TURBOLUBE recommended for use as a lubricant in the steam and water turbines, gas turbines are also in some that require lubricants with mineral base. Pertamina TURBOLUBE also be recommended for use in machine tools, vacuum pumps, air compressors, hydraulic systems, bearings (plain and antifriction), which does not require antiwear and extreme pressure properties.

  • Turbolube XT 32, 46, 68
  • Turbolube 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220

Turbolube XT Series are premium EP type turbine oil having excellent thermal and oxidation stability, formulated with hydrocracked base oil and selected additives that suitable for many type of turbines.

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Turbolube XT Series meet the following major worldwide OEM turbine specification such as : GEK 32568 C, GEK 32568F, GEK 101941A, GEK 107395A, GEK 28143A, GEK 46506D DIN 51524 Part 1 (HL) DIN 51515 Part 1 (L-TD) DIN 51515 Part 2 (L-TG) BS 489 (CIGRE) MIL-L 17672D, MIL-L-17331-G, MIL 17331-B US Steel 120, 126 Cincinati Machine P-38, P-45, P-54, P-55, ABB-Stal VTI 3200-3, 81 21 08 AFNOR E-48600 HL SOLAR ES9-224 U ASTM D 4304, Type II (EP) Westinghouse 21T0591 and 55125Z3 CEGB Standard 207001.

Turbolube Series are high performance quality turbine oil formulated from highly refined base oils and premium rust and oxidation inhibitor package.


Turbolube Series meet the requirements of Cincinnati Machine P-38, P-55, P-54 and P-57, GEK- 32568F, Solar Turbines ES9-224, U.S. Military MIL- H-17672D, DIN 51524 Part I, Hagglunds Denison HF-1 and HF-0. T urbolube 32 and T urbolube 46 has been approved by Siemens (TLV 901304).

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Turbolube Series exhibits superior oxidative and thermal stability, leading to prolonged service life without the formation of harmful sludges under high temperature operating conditions. Turbolube Series offers superior protection against the rusting and corrosion of metal surfaces.

Turbolube Series provides trouble-free operation through the excellent water separability properties of the highly refined base oils and specially selected inhibitor system to ensure rapid settling of water accumulated from steam condensate. The antifoam allows for quick release of entrained air and minimizes foam formation thereby enabling sensitive hydraulic control equipment to be operated reliably.

Turbolube Series are a premium quality rust and oxidation inhibited formulation that has multipurpose capability for a wide range of industrial applications for which this type of product is recommended. This feature enables lubricant inventories to be rationalized, thereby reducing the possibility of using the wrong lubricant for a given application.


Turbolube Series are recommended as the lubricant for steam and water turbines and many gas turbines which require superior mineral lubricant. T urbolube Series also be recommended for use in machine tools, vacuum pumps, air compressors, hydraulic systems, bearings (plain and antifriction), etc. that require antiwear properties

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