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TURALIK is high quality industrial hydraulic oil from Pertamina’s production is formulated from high quality base oil and of the type of High Viscosity Index containing additives such as anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, pour point depressant, non-zinc anti-wear and additives other to provide protection against wear, rust and corrosion protection of, and oxi-dation good stability. Standard lubricants and additives contained in the lubricant choice TURALIK has proven to exceed the requirements of various types of industrial hydraulic systems and show excellent capabilities in filtration, and air release properties of heat and the water separation properties and foaming properties for ensuring maximum quality in the system hydraulic.

  • Turalik C
  • Turalik

TURALIK C is industrial hydraulic oil formulated from high quality High Viscosity Index (HVI) mineral base oil which contains performance additives such as anti rust, anti corrosion, anti foam, pour point depres- sant and special non zinc anti wear and anti oxidant.


TURALIK C Series meets the requirement of Denison HF-O, Vickers I-286S, M-2950-S and Cincinnati Milacron (P-69 for Turalik C 68) and DIN 51524 HLP 2.


TURALIK C Series is recommended for hydraulic equipment with silver plated components.

TURALIK is industrial hydraulic oil formulated from high quality, High Viscosity Index (HVI) mineral base oil which contains performance additive such as anti wear, anti oxidant and other additive which provide excellent wear control, good oxidation stability, rust, and corrosion protection.


TURALIK series approved by Industrial hydraulic equipment such as Denison HF-O, Vickers I-286S and M-2950-S, Cincinnati Milacron (P-68 for Turalik 43, Cincinnati Milacron P-69 for Turalik 52, Cincinnati Milacron P-70 for Turalik 48). Those approval shows that Turalik quality meets international standard and proven by well recognised equipment manufacturer. Turalik also meet DIN 51524 part 2 specification.


TURALIK is recommended for general hydraulic equipment with circulated or bath lubrication systems. They should not be used in equipment with silver plated components.

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