Heat Transfer Oils

TERMO is a fluid (liquid) heat transfer high quality which have excellent oxidation thickness, can be used for heat transfer equipment closed system that works on temperature “bulk” up to 320 oC, or max 200oC for open systems where there is no inert gas systems for keep the heat transfer fluid remains in the liquid phase.

TERMO 22 has a relatively low viscosity with temperature characteristics / good viscosity to ensure high heat transfer coefficient.

TERMO 150 has a higher viscosity. Termo 150 requires a heat transfer fluid with a lower vapor pressure than the Thermo 32.

TERMO 22 and TERMO 150 s recommended for use as a heat transfer medium in a closed system heat transfer equipment that require mineral lubricants. Termo is not in the design of heat transfer equipment for the system an open system.

  • TERMO 32, 150

TERMO Series are high quality heat transfer oil that have good oxidation stability, suitable for use in enclosed heat transfer system, with operating bulk temperatures from -6°o C up to 320°o C. TERMO 32 has the relatively low viscosity so it has good viscosity versus temperature characteristic and high heat transfer coefficient.TERMO 150 has higher viscosity suitable for higher operation temperature.



  • Good oxidation and thermal stability that extend the oil drain interval.
  • Provide better protection against corrosion,deposit, and sludge to produce optimum system performance.
  • Exhibit good heat transfer ability.


TERMO Series are suitable for enclosed heat transfer system that requires mineral oil.

Heat Transfer Oils