Bearing System Circulating Oils

Pertamina STEELO B Series is a high quality lubricants for the lubrication of plain bearings with pelumasini circulation system which is specially designed to separate water quickly so while providing a layer of film on the bearing contaminated by water.

Pertamina SILINAP SERIES is pure mineral oil has a high viscosity index for purposes lubricate cylinder steam engine. This lubricant has a non-binding nature of the steam or water kodensat.

Pertamina Sebana P SERIES is made ​​of mineral lubricant base oil of high quality so as to have good oxidation stability. Pertamina Sebana P in design for circulation lubrication lubrication of bearings and gear such as light duty.

Pertamina SEBANA is lubricant which designed of high quality mineral base material, for use on equipment / machinery lubrication types of loads are way droplets or oil-bath. SERIES Sebana lubricant is recommended to be used for lubrication droplets or flush. Pertamina Sebana SERIES is not recommended for circulation systems.

Pertamina Medripal 2,3,4,5 and 6 are lubricating bearings made ​​from mineral base oil with high quality which has a good stability to oxidation.

Pertamina GANDAR is lubricant to aspot railroad car and a lorry that does not require a certain standard lubricant. GANDAR 800 is also recommended for low speed plain bearings. GANDAR 800 is not recommended for lubrication sys-tem circulation, but for the lubrication system disposable.

  • Steelo B 100, 220, 320, 460, 680
  • Silinap 160M, 220M, 280M
  • Sebana PX 20, 38
  • Sebana PS 20, 38
  • Sebana P 9, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460
  • Sebana 90, 120, 170, 300
  • Medripal 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Gandar 800

STEELO B Series are high quality lubricants that give excellent lubrication to plain bearing in circulating system that specially design having excellent water separation although the bearing contact with excessive water but it’s still have full fluid film

table steelo-b


STEELO B Series meet the specification of Morgan Worcesteroil Lubricant, DIN 51524 Part 2 (hydraulic oil) and DIN 51506 VDL (air compressor oil)


  • Excellent demulsibility or water separability that immediately separate the water and other contaminants.
  • Excellent air release properties and prevent excessive foaming.
  • High oxidation stability and prevent sludge formation on system.
  • Optimum protection from rust and corrosion formation.


STEELO B Series are highly recomended for use in rolling mill application such as back-up bearing and Morgoil bearing system having single & double tank lubrication system. STEELO B Series are also suitable for the circulation system that contaminated with the excess of water in circulating system.

SILINAP Series are formulated from high quality paraffinic mineral oil, which are designed for steam engine cylinder lubrication. Its have good water condensate separation properties

table silinap


SILINAP Series are recommended for lubrication of low speed steam cylinder and enclosed gearboxes where extreme pressure properties are not required. SILINAP 160 M is recommended for steam engine cylinder lubrication at operating temperatures between 170 o C and 260 o C, SILINAP 220 M is at opera ting temperatures between 260 o C and 344 o C and SILINAP 280 M is at operating temperatures above 360 o C.

SEBANA PX Series are formulated from premium quality mineral base oil which have very high viscosity index. These oil have excellent oxidation stability and water separation properties .

table sebana-px


SEBANA PX Series recommended for circulating and other enclosed oil systems such as bearing and gear system where the operating conditions are not severe enough.

SEBANA PS Series are formulated from premium quality mineral base oil. These oils have excellent oxidation stability that prevent oxidation and the formation of acids and sludge particularly at high temperature.

table sebana-ps


SEBANA PS Series recommended for circulating and other enclosed oil systems such as bearing and gear system where the operating conditions are not severe enough.

SEBANA P Series are premium quality straight mineral oil of the non-additive type. These oil have moderate to high viscosity index to provide good lubricity in wide range temperature.

table sebana-p


This oil is recommended for recirculating and other enclosed oil systems-such as bearing and gear system where the operating conditions are not severe enough.

SEBANA Series are applicable for moderate duty equipments or engines with oil-drop or bath lubrications, not circulation system. Viscosity grade of these SEBANA Series are par ticulary adjusted to specified viscosity at operating temperature of 50 C.

table sebana

APPLICATION SEBANA Series as machine oils is used for moderate duty equipments with oil drop or bath lubrication at temperature 50° o C. SEBANA Series are not intended for circulation system.

MEDRIPAL Series are high performance mineral lubricating oils which have a good stability against oxidation and tenden cy of deposit formation and easily separa ted from water. MEDRIPAL Series are formulated from paraffinic base oils and therefore have a high viscosity index, which means these oils provide stable viscosity and not vulnerable against changes in temperature.

table medripal


APPLICATIONS MEDRIPAL Series are particularly recommended for bearing lubrication of crosshead diesel engines, certain trunk piston type of diesel engines of old model, air compressors up to 100° o C discharge temperature, and for general lubrication (bearings). These oils are not recommended for lubrication of refrigerator compressors.

GANDAR 800 is primarily designed for the lubrication of railway coach/lorry axles which are not requiring high performance lubricating oil GANDAR 800 is also recommended for low to medium speed plain bearings.

table gandar

APPLICATION GANDAR 800 is recommended for total loss system/once through lubrication and not intended for circulation system

Bearing System Circulating Oils