Goodyear Passenger


The new Eagle EfficientGrip is Goodyear’s quietest, most comfortable tire ever. The leading tire company’s latest innovation is engineered with advanced “Quiet Tred” technology to minimize road noise and help deliver a silky smooth ride, without compromising safety which is the hallmark of all Goodyear tires.

Designed for luxury car drivers in Singapore who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban environment when they step into their cars, the new Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip can help make the journey more quiet and smooth.

“Luxury car owners in Asia want to enjoy their drive on the road. Whether navigating the busy streets of the city during the week or taking a long drives over the weekend, these discerning drivers are after an indulgent experience without compromising on safety” said Daniel Smytka, Vice President -Consumer Tires, Goodyear Asia Pacific.

Goodyear’s internal tests show that Eagle EfficientGrip is the company’s quietest tire ever. Furthermore, based on external tests on wet-braking performance, the tire outperforms a leading competitor in its class.

Features and Benefits

  • The added rubber under layer absorbs the tire vibrations and reduces propagation of road irregularities.
  • Closed shoulder design prevents radiating radial noise sound waves to reduce exterior and interior perceived noise level.
  • Balanced block distribution provides smooth block entering into the footprint to lower the impact noise and reduce the radiated noise.
  • Perpendicular edge blading gradually reduces the block stiffness, lowering the block movements and reducing the propagated noise.
Size and Specification

Goodyear DuraPlus

Perfected at the Goodyears Innovation Center in Luxembourg, Europe, the new DuraPlus passenger tyre offers incredible tread life with reliable performance. More than 100 engineers, physicists, chemical experts and tyre evaluation specialists have worked extensively to develop this innovative tyre which provides outstanding mileage at a reasonable cost without compromising tyre safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Goodyear DuraPlus tyres with TredLife Technology can last up to 30% longer than other competitors, giving you more than 100,000km of service.
  • New Generation Wide Face Cavity puts more wearable rubber in contact with the road for longer tread life.
  • Maximised – Rubber Volume uses a larger road contact area and deeper treads to increase available wearable rubber volume, maximizing the usable life of the tyre.
  • Advanced – Carbon-based Tread Compound High carbon loading compound blend provides a higher resistance to frictional wear.
Size and Specification

Goodyear Eagle NCT 5

When it comes to combining performance characteristics, the versatile Goodyear Eagle NCT5 has no match. Extra-large centre grooves and diagonal blading optimise water dispersion and traction in wet conditions. Radial shoulder blades help to deliver improved grip and greater lateral stability. These features work together to offer a perfect balance of driving performance and ride comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized Stiffness from shoulder to centerline improves handling on wet and dry conditions.
  • Radial Shoulder Blading reduces driving noise.
  • Lateral Groove Humps improves fuel consumption.
Size and Specification

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The latest of the series of products Tires Assurance: Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max with Fuel Saving Technology was able to save fuel by 4% and mileage further 15% * compared to conventional tire technology thanks to a full silica compound and feature a hard base under the tread. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is also reinforced with DuPont ™ Kevlar® – material that is five times stronger than steel – thus providing more protection against the risks / hazards on the road.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Rolling Resistance Compound: Full Loaded Silica Compound reduces friction between molecules and high abrasion resistance, so that reduced fuel consumption and mileage further
  • Hard Base Under the Tread: Reduce deformation Crown area and reduces heat build-up.
  • Even Pressure Distribution: Reducing friction energy on the surface of tread, lower wear rate so much greater distances.
Size and Specification

Goodyear Excellence

Recommended for motorist classy, Goodyear Excellence was created by the company in collaboration with leading vehicle manufacturers to produce luxury in driving. 3 Zone technology which has been patented provide a high level of comfort and precise control in both wet and dry conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Security Zone with advanced silica compound made ​​from the palms and around the curve of the wide tires help accuracy better braking on wet and dry roads.
  • Control zone with tread of the asymmetrical design and solid tire shoulder blocks provide nimble response when turning the car.
  • Comfort Zone helps absorb road noise and vibration resulting smoothness and quietness in driving.
Size and Specification