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Turanza GR90 Introducing a new collection of premium tires DUELER scientifically designed to take you anywhere in driving performance and style. To get the most out of your trip means you have to have the right tires for the type of the path of your vehicle. And the collection offers a versatile DUELER pilian superior to SUV, cross-over and off-road. Construction tread sophisticated and aggressive than DUELER determine to what extent and how far you can go.

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90Potenza RE050 RFT is made using technology or Run Flat Tire. RFT improve safety and security, and become the new standard tire safety. With your driving trip RFT allows safe and controlled even zero pressure tires.

Potenza RE050 has advantages:

  • Tires still can go though the wind pressure “0″ psi to 80 km with a speed of 80 km / h, confident and safe.
  • Adopting latest technology flagship Bridgestone
  • Tires with high performance and consistent.
  • The pattern of the soles to prevent harmful effects of hydroplaning.
  • Traction and braking capabilities are excellent in both wet and dry road.
  • The durability in high-speed steady, can be driven up to speeds above 240 km / h.
  • Comes with RIM GUARD protects the rim from the risk of friction from the outside.
  • Tires still can go though the wind pressure “0″ psi to 80 miles at speeds of 80 km / h.

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90Redefine the limits of power and control with the all-new Bridgestone Potenza S001. Formula 1™ precision meets superior traction and manoeuverability in Bridgestone’s latest ultra-high performance tyre.

Developed and tested in motorsport’s toughest arena, the Bridgestone Potenza S001 lets you unleash the full potential of your high-performance vehicle with guaranteed comfort and safety. Rediscover the passion of driving with Bridgestone.

Potenza S001 has the advantage :

  • Advanced asymmetric tread pattern for outstanding sports performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Super slant grooves for rapid evacuation of water and high traction stability on wet surfaces
  • High-grip shoulder blocks for optimum road holding, high braking force and maximum cornering grip

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90 Like a bolt of lightning, it seems cool to invite the attention and leave a classy impression. Bridgestone is a leading company, adding a new tire lineup MY-02 Sporty Style. Carrying a tread pattern that is aggressive LIGHTNING GROOVE to announce its presence, MY-02 Sporty Style equipped with Bridgestone technological breakthrough in the control precision on the road and keep you driving in your own style. Dress up your car with MY-02 Sporty styling, a custom display undoubted.

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90 Vehicle MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) or known as the family car is a car designed to be able to accommodate more passengers and freight than the sedan type vehicle.

However, the high shape with heavy vehicle weight makes this easy kind of sway when cornering, lane, past the mound, and when the wind side.

Not to mention the result of passenger and cargo capacity that causes higher fuel consumption and ultimately can lead to uneven wear on the tires.

Bridgestone tires as a high-tech pioneer creator has launched a premium tires for MPV type vehicle that is not only proven to save fuel but also more robust and stable sustain load in the control.

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90 Turanza GR-90 is optimized in order to bring a driving experience that has never been felt before. Comfort, ease of driving, and minimal noise characteristics. Intelligently designed to combine the corners are round with a solid base construction, gives the best control in various road conditions.

The noise is usually caused by vibration of the friction with the road surface. However, the design and noise cancellation technology that is applied to the special tires TURANZA GR-90, offers tranquility in driving.

The soles are designed with highly efficient, has a row of grooves bersudur high and low, and flexible construction produces an amazing dynamic movement and deployment of better water. In order to get the level of safety and comfort at its best.

Size and Specification

Turanza GR90 The earth is a beautiful, amazing place, but when the fragile once imagined. Amid concerns about global warming and climate change, we want to experience life to the fullest, with passion and integrity. We want to know we are doing all we can to coexist with nature. We want to live with Ecopia. Size and Specification

Turanza GR90 Product quality is definitely expensive price is a fact of the past. Now, Bridgestone has launched TECHNO 10. A tire that is affordable but still prioritize quality standards that Bridgestone has worldwide in terms of safety and driving comfort.

Size and Specification