Goodyear Truck

Goodyear Hi-Miler G8

The ideal all-purpose highway truck tyre, the HI-MILER G8 offers excellent skid and puncture resistance for long-lasting value.

Features and Benefits

  • Greater Tread Thickness & Open Grooves for better traction, puncture resistance and greater mileage.
  • All-Wheel & All-Purpose Tread Pattern for smoother rolling on highways.
  • 3T Nylon Cord Body allows for better retreadability and a longer tyre service life.

Goodyear Hi-Miler G2020

The latest generation of premium tires with a perfect blend in the palm of endurance, strength and characteristics of special rubber construction so as to provide longer mileage and the best ability to be vulcanized. It is suitable as your truck tires.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong carrying capacity
  • Mileage
  • Can be vulcanized

Goodyear Custom Xtra Grip

The best choice when the going gets rough. A unique broad, non-directional tread pattern ensures Custom Xtra Grip Hi-Miler tyres keep a grip even in the toughest weather and road conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive 3T Processed Cord offers extra grip in mud or over slippery highways.
  • Precision Tread Pattern Design for extra strength, more mileage and longer tread life.
  • Special Tread Rubber limits noise build-up for silent running.

Goodyear Hi-Miler CT163

One of Goodyear’s later generation Mileage Lug-Medium Truck tire which emphasizes high traction, applied on drive position for higher, mixed and off-road service and on steer position for off the road service.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all terrain.

Goodyear Hi-Miler CT176

The latest generation of Goodyear.Most appropriate use by employers goods transportation / truck, because the Hi-Miler CT176 can reduce vehicle operating costs will be lower compared with other commercial tires. Hi-Miler CT176 has the advantage mileage, wear evenly and strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive abrasion and wear resistant rubber tread deliver economic benefits.
  • 5-rib tread design with deep grooves serves to provide excellence in mileage.
  • 3T Nylon Cord Body construction with cut and cut-growth resistant sidewall compound
  • Strength